Welcome to the Catastrophic Fumble Campaign Site

Who is Catastrophic Fumble?

The current roster is represented in the group roster over there on the right. We’ve been playing Hackmaster since 4e came out, and though the membership has changed, the enjoyment has stayed the same. We play HMB now, and are enjoying the new edition immensely.

The Campaign Setting

We will be using the Kingdoms of Kalamar setting produced by Kenzer & Co. Of course, as the group interacts with the world, it changes. This wiki will represent general information about the Tellene (the world of the Kingdoms of Kalamar), as well as the various aspects of Tellene unique to our campaign. (NPC’s, Businesses, and perhaps even towns.)

Why don’t you list a game location for your campaign?

The truth of the matter is that the current roster of Catastrophic Fumble has been scattered to Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Washington State, and the Central Valley of California. We play using Skype and MapTool, and we have a GREAT time doing it. If you’re interested in running an online campaign, I highly recommend MapTool.


Many thanks to HackMonkey for the awesome character table code, of which I did very little modification.

Many thanks also to Kenzer & Co. for releasing the most enjoyable game I’ve ever played. Hackmaster, Kingdoms of Kalamar, and all “official” Tellene place- and character-names are registered trademarks, copyrighted, etc., etc. All rights are presumably reserved.

Catastrophic Fumble

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