Catastrophic Fumble

A Grievous Loss

"It is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all." - Alfred, Lord Tennyson

In-Game Date(s): Homeday, 12 Siege-hold through Fireday, 25 Siege-hold 563 I.R.
Location: Eldor and Cosdol, Brandobia

The party whomps on some Arakians, and Kiromir suffers a grievous loss.

“The rest of the story…”

When we last left our heroes, they’d just hacked their way out of the town of Favrden, when the entire town went racism-crazy.

As the vast tracts of cornfields give way to untended grasslands and sparse stands of trees, the nightmares being experienced by Kiromir take a violent turn. In addition to brutality and violence, an element of violent sex is added into the slideshow of horror that plagues Kiromir at night. It is not enough that he sees the brutal flaying alive of what he assumes to be honest people…he now must witness a more brutal and degrading aspect of the horror world he lives in nightly. This dread overshadows his waking hours to the point that he often drifts into periods of silence and contemplation.

In the discussions with the merchants of the caravan, it is decided that they will bypass the gates of Unvolen. While the party could use supplies, larger cities have proved to be more dangerous than smaller ones. Unvolen looks to house over 10,000 inhabitants, along with city guard. This, particularly has disgusted the entire party. In more civilized lands, the guard could be relied upon to provide some sort of stability to the region; protection for the downtrodden. This has not been shown to be the case. The guard, more often than not, provides the catalyst to mob violence. In the party’s present mood, the merchants are perhaps afraid that they will incite violence rather than being passive. Pent up aggressions are running high in the party.

Despite the best intentions of the merchants, however, camping far enough outside the city that the guard did not stumble upon their camp meant that there was an increased risk of creatures, which crawl the night. The two Arakians that attacked their camp that night in search of food saw no race, but the attention this provided was not welcome.

The party easily defeated these hulking beasts, and were free to continue unmolested to Avlden, the village of Kiromir’s birth.

The outlying farms approaching Avlden were curiously absent of any humans. Animals ranged freely, and crops went untended. Border shrubs, however, were not overgrown, ivy trellises were tended, and the roofs of houses looked freshly thatched. The inhabitants had not been gone for long.

As Kiromir approaches the village of his birth, he quickly notices that something is wrong. Where there was normally children playing and men and women working, now there was only silence. Where there should be industry and tending of crops, there is emptiness. He did not expect to be welcomed upon arriving, but this silence was uncanny.

Within moments, the door of the sacred place of the village swings open, and men and women trudge out with their heads bowed. A single man in brown robes leads the procession out of the building, leading a series of caskets out of the building.

In short, Kiromir is told that a halfling in violently clashing robes showed up in the village not 3 days past. He asked questions about Kiromir, sought out his family to stay with them, and in one bloody, brutal evening, raped Kiromir’s mother and sister, and forced Kiromir’s brothers to watch the grisly spectacle. When some of Kiromir’s brothers attempted to escape, this halfling (known to the group as Daggar) spiked them to the family home with iron spikes. When they closed their eyes to the horror of Daggar’s disgusting show, he sliced off their eyelids so they could no longer close their eyes. When Daggar was finished, he killed them all, in a tremendously slow and agonizing way, the details of which were not revealed to the group, out of respect for the dead.

Kiromir dropped to his knees while Theros comforted him with a hand on his shoulders. Kiromir eventually visited their burial place, as well as his ancestral home in Avlden. The village council met with the group and found out as much information about Daggar as possible. Kiromir made a blood oath to avenge his family, and Theros promised to see Kiromir through to the fulfillment of this vow.



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