Catastrophic Fumble

Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend

"My father always used to say that when you die, if you've got five real friends, then you've had a great life." - Lee Iacocca

In-Game Date(s): Homeday, 26 Siege-hold through Homeday, 5 Arid 563 I.R.
Location: Town of Napalido, Cosdol, Brandobia

The party acquires another member, bringing their number to 5. The party (and caravan) is set upon by Striges.

“The rest of the story…”

Upon leaving Avlden, around mid-day, the party encounters an elf, sitting on a cairn, swearing in dwarven. They quickly learn that this elf, named Nath’anar has had his life dramatically altered by Daggar as well, for his master was mauled by a bear, who was maddened by Daggar, and then killed by one of Daggar’s iron spikes. The elf, impressing his dwarven friends with his knowledge of dwarven swear words, joins the party, and they continue together toward Napalido.

Upon arriving in Napalido, they see some more handiwork of Daggar as one of the inns has been burned to the ground. Kiromir questions one of the gate guards, and learns that a guardsman has been removed from active duty after running away from Daggar in fear. The rest of the company believes him to be craven, and he is sitting in the Stag and the Lady Fair, a nearby tavern, drinking his life (and money) away. The group consoles him, and immediately decides to take some action.

Nath’anar stays with this Guardsman, named Kale, and begins talking with him of what he knows of Daggar, consoling him with the knowledge that he was likely the recipient of one of Daggar’s all-too-common fear spells. Bolstered with this knowledge, Kale begins to trust Nath’anar.

Kiromir, meanwhile, heads to the garrison of Napalido to speak with Sir Stephen of Itven, to find out more information about Daggar’s whereabouts. At this meeting, Kiromir informs Sir Stephen that Daggar is a priest of the Creator of Strife, and that he likely cast a fear spell of some sort on Guardsman Kale. Kale, he said, is not to be blamed for his actions; indeed, any other guard would have behaved the same. Sir Stephen is heartened at this news, for he did not want to dismiss Kale, and needs all the men he can get. He promises to return Kale to active duty, and offers to set the group up in one of the town’s remaining two inns. Kiromir accepts and also finds out the current whereabouts of Defender Bran.

Theros and Mithrandian find a tavern with a fair number of dwarves in it, and attempt to find out any information about where Daggar currently is. They endure some insults, give out some of their own, and are soon drinking with their new bearded brethren. They find out that Daggar was run out of town by guards, and that he is probably on the way over the pass right now.

The group reconvenes at the Stag and compare stories. They soon go get their rooms from Sir Stephen, while Viserion accompanies the caravan to another inn with more opulent lodging. The group stays in Napalido for a couple days while Nath’anar, a mage, identifies the scrolls they have been carrying around since their days in Reanaaria Bay. Nath’anar also identifies the wand of illumination they have been carrying, as well as a potion of major healing.

While Nath’anar sees to the identification of the magical items, Kiromir seeks out a boyhood friend of his, Defender Bran, who currently heads up the altar of the Halls of the Valiant in Napalido. He learns there that Daggar is seeking to corrupt Kiromir, and that he is exceedingly unholy. Bran further informs him that very few clerics can resurrect the dead, and that Daggar must be very blessed by his god. Bran also suspects that Daggar is far too powerful to be overcome by the group in its current state, and suggests that if Kiromir wants to avenge his family’s murders, he must seek the patronage of a god equally as powerful and as holy as the Creator of Strife is unholy. He must, in other words, seek after Brovadol, the Knight of Gods. Kiromir stays some with Bran and begins his journey to become a paladin.

All the identification work being completed, the group soon sets out for Napalido. When they are two days outside of Napalido, the entire caravan is attacked by an unknown group of Striges.



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