Catastrophic Fumble

Fighting for your lives.

"What an incredible smell you've discovered..." - Han Solo

In-Game Date(s): Fireday, 18 Sowing, 563 I.R.
Location: Loona, Reanaaria Bay

While fiddling with the pipe organ, they fight a Troglodyte, find more Troglodytes, and have a big ol’ brawl.

“The rest of the story…”

The group puzzles out what to do with this pipe organ. The dwarves had enough exposure to music to figure out that the line of symbols on the back of the map are likely musical notes. None of them can play or read it, however, so they decide to continue exploring.

Before they’re able to leave, however, they are assaulted by a wandering Troglodyte, who they make short work of.

Upon exiting the pipe organ secret room, the group heads back to the left, discovering a shack, used for guards, it appears. The ground was bloody, and the floor was littered with corroded arrows. A passageway led to what appears to be a dead end. They decide to head back to an unexplored coridoor.

In this tunnel, they ran into several Troglodytes, who quickly attacked them.

After much of a fight, the group overcomes the Troglodytes, gaining some shields in the process. Daggar finds some loot in a bundle of rotting, stinking clothes.



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