Catastrophic Fumble

Into The Depths

"Too deep we delved there, and woke the nameless fear." - J.R.R. Tolkien

In-Game Date(s): Katarday, 10 Sowing through Fireday, 18 Sowing, 563 I.R.
Location: Loona, Reanaaria Bay

The group finishes searching the house of John the Builder, rests up from their wounds, while Daggar heals them, finds a secret passageway into the depths under the house, and begins exploring them.

“The rest of the story…”

Mithrandian Selerhand and Theros Ironfist head quickly upstairs after the battle with Chul’ka, and look for anything of interest in the upper room. They find a scroll and key in a compartment behind a vanity, as well as a map on the table. The map appears to lead to this house. On the back of the map is written a rhymed verse, as follows:

Nothing which by murder gained

Can be hid from men thus pained

By writer’s cramp, for they do groan

Over deep, wet halls of stone.

In addition to this verse, a line of symbols is written across the top of the map, above which is written the line:

Dead men play no songs.

Downstairs, Daggar begins to torture the lone survivor of the battle, Chul’ka’s right-hand man, Mack. Daggar lights Mack’s pantleg on fire, and begins asking questions. Daggar asks where the map is, and is given to know that it is upstairs. He asks about Soma’al, and is informed that he’s the leader of the Glorious Twelve, and is currently in Asaer.

Theros and Mithrandian come down and casually ask Daggar if Mack knows what the key opens. Daggar asks Mack, who says he doesn’t know. Daggar puts one of his iron spikes against Mack’s eye, and begins to slowly exert pressure. Mack becomes somewhat frantic, but persists that he does not know, indicating this is the first time he’s ever been here. Soon, Daggar’s pressure is enough to actually puncture Mack’s eyeball, at which time Mack screams (almost incoherently) that he doesn’t know and begins screaming loudly and persistently.

Mithrandian and Theros are sickened, while Daggar concludes that maybe Mack didn’t know, after all. Daggar shouts that he sacrifices Mack to the Creator of Strife, while Mithrandian begins searching the various rooms. Theros walks outside when Daggar begins lighting corpses, objects, and the room in general on fire.

Meanwhile, Mithrandian searches the office, and finds John the Builder’s journal, which details the building of this house, as well as the involvement of Jac Stormrider in the planning and building of the house. He also finds some books, and keeps 2 that are intact and written in Dwarven.

Mithrandian decides to dismantle the desk, and in the process of moving it, finds a lever and a trap door under it. (Only then deciphering the riddle written on the back of the map. By now, the fires are already burning, so they decide to head down the trap door, entering a cavern complete with subterranean river. They decide to rest and heal up after searching the room and finding 2 rusty pickaxes, 100 or so bricks, and a bridge coated with pitch and sand, ostensibly to retard rot from the damp air. (Probably a creation of John the Builder.)

Daggar begins praying for healing spells, trading on the current high favor of the Cleric of Strife to get repeat healing spells. He heals himself first, and then Mithrandian, as they were all hurting fairly badly. After 8 days of rest and clerical healing, the party feels well enough to venture forth. During this time, Theros uses water from the fast-flowing river to stop the fire from burning the staircase to the topside. They hear continuing burning and crashing during their rest and healing. Interestingly enough, they do not run out of air. During this time, they also hear scrabbling and scurrying coming from across the river, which cuts them off from the rest of the tunnel system.

On Fireday, the 18th of Sowing, 563 IR, they began exploring the tunnel network. At the first fork, they went right, and on the second fork, they went right again. At this dead end, Mithrandian searches for secret doors, finding a door to a room with a crudely made pipe organ in it.



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