Catastrophic Fumble

Set the World on Fire...

"The very existence of flame-throwers proves that some time, somewhere, someone said to themselves, You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but I'm just not close enough to get the job done." - George Carlin

In-Game Date(s): Diaday, 22 Sowing through Veshday, 21 Declarations, 563 I.R. (2 months)
Location: Reanaaria Bay to Sobeteta (The Reanaarian Run)

Jac Stormrider reveals himself to the party by attacking them 1 week into the sea voyage. The party makes short work of him. Daggar has a night on the town, and Kiromir saves the day. (From Daggar.)

“The rest of the story…”

Captain Wat Honely appears to have the voyage well in hand, but no more than a week after setting sail, Jac Stormrider reveals himself as the bosun who saw the group aboard ship. Kiromir catches him picking the pocket of Daggar, and a quick battle ensues. (An emphasis on quick. 9 seconds into it, Therosnails him for 30 points of damage in one blow, and Jac Stormrider is no more. Captain Honely wonders out loud if his late bosun has anything to do with the Pirate Ship that is several days behind them, and the group is shaken. They have no choice but to press on, of course, as none of them want to brave a swim to shore.

When they dock at Sobeteta, the party is told that the Captain can get them anything they want. Mithrandian asks for a map of Brandobia, and Theros wants a shortbow and many arrows. The Captain reiterates that the party, excepting Kiromir, is no permitted to go ashore, per Lord Michael’s orders.

Daggar, of course, figures this doesn’t apply to him, and sneaks off the ship in the night. He is able to make it to a tavern called Rudgar’s Stomped Mare, where he makes friends with the owner. (And obtains a half-ogre-handful of salt.) Daggar asks Rudgar if there were anywhere he could go where some people might not be missed or hurt his business in any way. Rudgar, a hulking half-ogre, directs Daggar to Ye Olde Charging Halfling and said inn’s owner, Gloriana.

Daggar heads over there, seduces Gloriana, sacrifices her to the Creator of Strife, kills one of the bodyguards in his sleep, sets a few fires, and returns to the ships, as his conflagration flings panic over the city. His actions directly cause the complete destruction of Ye Olde Charging Halfling, three shops that adjoined the tavern, and kills 20 people, not including Gloriana and one of her bodyguards. Daggar returns to Rudgar’s tavern, carves his god’s symbol into the door, and heads back to the ship, narrowly escaping being thrown in the brig for being out of his rooms after dark when he is caught by a guard and released by the Captain.

Kiromir, meanwhile, wanders the city, seeing the sights, and purchases 2 gallons of ale; one for the Captain, and one for the party.

The following morning, the Captain is distraught to learn that his navigator and several riggers perished in the fire, as they were in private rooms in Ye Olde Charging Halfling. Captain Honely reveals that the navigator was a personal friend of his, and laments having to tell his wife what happened to him. Kiromir offers to peruse the selection of talent in the city. He is directed to Rudgar’s Stomped Mare, where he notices Daggar’s god’s mark scratched into the door.

Kiromir speaks with Rudgar, is directed to a table of out of work river drivers, and buys the entire table a round of ale. The river drivers explain that their captain perished in the fire, and are out of work for the time being. One of the lads is a navigator of minor skill, while the rest of the table are quite able riggers. Captain Honely comes down to the tavern and hires the lot of them, thanking Kiromir profusely for his superb motivation and dedication to the ship. He expresses that if he were a river craft, he’d hire Kiromir in a heartbeat as a bodyguard/man-at-arms.

When everyone is back aboard ship, they remember that the authorities are preventing anyone setting sale, while they investigate the fire. They settle down to wait out the forced dock…



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