Catastrophic Fumble

The adventure ends...or does it?

"All good stories have an end." - A. A. Milne

In-Game Date(s): Fireday, 18 Sowing through Godday, 20 Sowing, 563 I.R.
Location: Loona, Reanaaria Bay

After their fight with the Troglodytes, the group heals up back at the stairs. The group is able to find a secret entrance to the cave network, heads to Lord Michael’s place, and completes the quest. They’re able to bargain the use of Lord Michael’s bard, and are able to collect the treasure, while getting the heck out of Loona on a ship bound for Brandobia.

“The rest of the story…”

After the fight with the Troglodytes, the group was hurting somewhat. Daggar again traded on his currently high favor with the Creator of Strife to get double the healing spells normally allotted, and within a couple days had Theros Ironfist and Mithrandian Selerhand healed up well enough to go on.

After the healing marathon, which took 2 days, the group tried to find a way out. Their way was blocked from the charred timbers of the burning house above them, and if they didn’t find a way out, they were going to starve. Daggar figured there was probably an exit somewhere, since they weren’t running out of air, and neither did the troglodytes. The river was a possible exit, but they knew they’d never get back in if they used it.

The group went back to the guard shack to see if maybe it was hiding a secret entrance. They found nothing, which angered the quick-tempered Daggar, who set the shack smoldering. (The wood was too damp for a really good fire.)

While Daggar worked on the fire, Mithrandian and Theros headed back to the dead end cave to see what they could find upon a second inspection. Mithrandian was unsuccessful, but by a stroke of luck, Theros was able to find the outlines of a secret door, as well as the method for opening it. It was a door to the outside.

The group decided to head back to Lord Michael’s place, to claim their reward, and see if they couldn’t find someone who could read and play music. Lord Michael was not particularly pleased with the group.

Apparently, Heem had left sealed instructions with his banker that if he ever died under suspicion of foul play, the Fists should investigate Lord Michael. Heem was spooked after the visit from Lord Michael’s goons, and felt that his days were numbered. Little did he know that Lord Michael intended to preserve his life if possible. (He did not anticipate the effect of a mad halfling, however. When these instructions ended up in the hands of the Fists, they sent a delegation to Lord Michael. Lord Michael confessed to hiring assassins to take care of Chul’ka ONLY.

Very soon after this interview, the house next to the Stinking Fish Tavern burned to the ground. Artagh explained to the Fists that Chul’ka was making his home there, and that a small group had been making trouble asking about him. The Fists concluded that Chul’ka had probably made short work of the adventurers, and this assessment was confirmed by almost everyone who had dealings with the Glorious Twelve. The Fists explained to Lord Michael that his assassins had met their end in the burning home of John the Builder. Lord Michael thanked them for their diligence in keeping the streets of Loona safe, and explained that he planned to leave soon. He was not so sure of the Fists’ conclusion, however, and remained to wait for the party.

Lord Michael explained that he had significant business interests in Loona and could not leave there forever. If the group were seen again, he would come under suspicion again, and he could not have that happen. As a result, he booked passage for all three of the group to Brandobia upon one of his merchant vessels and strongly recommended the group get there within 2 days, as the ship planned to set sail on Diaday, the 22nd of Sowing. Lord Michael also explained that he would then reveal to the Fists that the adventuring group had been seen alive again. This would exonerate Lord Michael, and with the group safely away, would pose no additional danger to them. The group thanked them, accepted his offer, successfully negotiated an additional 20 silvers for resupply, and begged of him the favor of borrowing his bard. Lord Michael agreed, as he was eager to have the group away from Loona.

The group took the bard back to the caves, and managed to get the treasure open with man’s help. Within a short amount of time, the group had the bard back to Lord Michael, and was ready to set sail on the Ravaged Maiden (the name of the ship) with the Captain of said ship, Captain Wat Honely.



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