Catastrophic Fumble

The Group Tires of Chaos

"I'm not a fighter. I'm a bleeder." - Dylan Moran

In-Game Date(s): Fireday, 25 Replanting through Homeday, 12 Siege-hold, 563 I.R. (2 weeks, 1 day)
Location: Mendarn and Eldor, Brandobia

The party continues to travel in a northeasterly direction. Daggar nearly gets the group killed, Theros solves a problem, and the party is hunted in the town of Favrden.

“The rest of the story…”

When we last left our heroes, they had just triumphed over a pack of Troglodytes. Sadly, however, their moment of triumph only lasted a few days, as at the gates of Vetden, they encountered a drake, which was the least of their concerns.

On the 27th of Replanting, as the party approached the gates of Vetden, they were taunted by the guards, but quickly were shocked as a drake flew over the village and settled behind a stand of trees, enjoying a mid-day meal of sheep, perhaps. Daggar, at this point, felt that some chaos was sorely needed in the party. Life was perhaps too humdrum for him, but he decided to make things interesting when he assaulted the racist guards of the town of Vetden by whipping down his pants and demanding that they…ahem…partake, all while they belittled the ancestry of the party. In their offense, the guards prepared to wipe out the entire party, but for the quick thinking and talking of Kiromirand Mithrandian, and the brutal axe-work of Theros.

Kiromir and Mithrandian approached the guards and attempted to make light of their halfling companion’s idiocy, while Theros decided to take a more direct approach, and kick Daggar in his halfling naughty bits. Daggar caught sight of Theros’ approach, and attempted to cast a spell on Theros, at which point Theros unceremoniously punched Daggar square in the face, disrupting his spellcasting.

Daggar, not to be dissuaded from causing chaos, decided at this point to draw his flail and dry-hump Theros’ leg. Theros, repulsed by this odd behavior, attempted to shield-bash Daggar off his leg. Daggar was able to leap free of Theros’ leg and it…as they say….was on. The guards of Vetden, never missing the chance to make a few extra bits on the side, quickly began to place bets on the two fighters, and all hoped to see a good fight.

Theros took a second to draw his battle-axe, and attempted to land a killing blow on Daggar with all his pent-up rage. In his zealotry, he missed, nearly fell over, and barely was able to regain his balance in time to brush aside Daggar’s hastily swung flail. On his second blow, however, Theros landed such a mighty blow that it severed Daggar’s head and right arm from the rest of his body. As Daggar’s devastated corpse fell to the ground, the guards paid up their debts, and the Lieutenant quickly asked if they were done.

The group buried Daggar nearby, and were a little shaken when they discovered that his unsettling holy symbol was found to be missing from atop his walking staff. Daggar would never have parted with that symbol, and the party could not even discover how it had been removed. The symbol had been mounted atop a cap on Daggar’s staff, and the cap was still present. It was as though the symbol had never existed, for there were no tool marks to be seen. Odd, indeed.

The group quickly picked up a replacement cleric at the town of Vetden, who agreed to join the party for little more than the joy of traveling, for this human was a cleric of The Traveler. Viserion, he was named, and he seemed to fit in well with the general temperament of the party, quickly falling into place as a natural traveling companion.

It is at this point, however, that Kiromir began to have horrific nightmares about violence and blood, all of which prominently featured the symbol of Daggar carved into what appeared to be human flesh. Kiromir shares these unsettling dreams with the party. He also explains that these seem to have the quality of lucidity, or alertness, being very different from common nightmares. Kiromir seeks help from the only cleric of the group, Viserion, who only assures Kiromir that he can seek guidance from the stars.

Nearly three weeks later, the party stops in the town of Favrden to resupply, and encounters some of the fiercest racism they had yet seen. Kiromir is unable to procure goods at the decent prices to which he was accustomed. He is forced to shop around to find the best prices so the group’s money can last, and by the end of the day, the villagers began to get worked up over the “lowbloods” in their town. Violence was afoot.

The party is forced to sneak around the afternoon shadows and evening darkness, as the townspeople search for them. After a few near-misses, the party is approaching the gates when a group of 4 guards catches sight of them. The Captain of the guards hurls a javelin at Kiromir as he peeks around the house, and they were soon beginning a battle for their lives to reach the caravan…



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