Catastrophic Fumble

The Return of the Troglodytes

“Perfume : any smell that is used to drown a worse one." - Elbert Hubbard

In-Game Date(s): Veshday, 21 Declarations through Fireday, 25 Replanting, 563 I.R. (2 months)
Location: Sobeteta to Ospolen (The Reanaarian Run)

The party travels from Sobeteta in Kalamar to Ospolen. There they experience racism, and get hired as guards for a caravan heading to Napalido.

“The rest of the story…”

When we last left our heroes, they were being held on their ship at the port of Sobeteta, but they quickly learned that a plot was afoot to run the blockade of Kalamaran ships, and the Damaged Maiden would be taking part.

The group survives the blockade run with only scratches, and within a matter of a few months, ports at Ospolen. In Ospolen, the group quickly learns the meaning of demi-human racism, as they are denied even social niceties, and told to leave the city. Kiromir resupplies as the group directs, and they head toward the gates of the city, where they are introduced to a merchant’s caravan seeking guards for travel to Napalido.

After a chance rare sighting of a herd of 8 Pegasi, the group encounters a hunting party of 7 Troglodytes, which they make fairly short work of, in a matter of approximately 40 seconds of combat.


And the fun continues even now…… lol

The Return of the Troglodytes

Currently two members of our party are fighting eachother… EPIC! lol

The Return of the Troglodytes

Dwarf fighter vs. Halfing Cleric.. who will win!?

The Return of the Troglodytes

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