Mithrandian Selerhand


Mithrandian Selerhand
Player: Mithrandiann Proxy: None Chosen
Race: Dwarf
Class: Thief
Alignment: Neutral Good
Level: 2
Ability Scores:
15/68 STR (Dmg. +3, Feat of Str. +8)
12/01 INT (Att. +1)
9/16 WIS (Init. +3, Def. -1)
11/79 DEX (Init. +1, Att. 0, Def. +1)
17/03 CON
8/12 LKS
11/64 CHA (Turning Mod. +1)
Quirks & Flaws:
Paranoid-Persecutory Disorder
Luck Points: 21 (5 Left)
Hit Points: 32 (Wounds: 1)
Threshold of Pain: 10

Honor: 12 (average)
EP: 0 (next level: 400) BP: 1
Handedness: Right Sex: Male
Age: 50 years
Birthday: TBD
Height: 4’1”
Weight: 158 lbs
Patron God(s): None
(Anointed follower? N/A)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Climbing/RapellingC: 22%, Current Affairs: 19%, Diplomacy: 16%, Glean Info: 21%, HidingC: 32%, ListeningC: 28%, Observation: 18%, Pick PocketC: 18%, SneakingC: 36%, Language (Dwarven)N: 72%, Language (Merchant’s Tongue): 54%, Literacy (Merchant’s Tongue): 29%, Swimming: 25%, Mining: 20%, Lock PickingC: 36%, Disarm TrapC: 31%, Identify TrapC: 24%, Trap DesignC: 13%, Cooking: 23%.
N = Native Language, C = Class Skill
Weapons: Dagger, Sling, Battle Axe.
Armor: Light, Shield.
Other: Laborer, Maintenance & Upkeep.
Racial Abilities:
Pros: Size Lg. for Knock Backs, Size Md. for HP, low light vision, Magic Resistance, Poison Resistance.
Cons: -1’ Reach.
Preferential talent access: Atk. Bonus, Dmg. Bonus, Parry Bonus, Swiftblade (axes & warhammers).
Combat Profile: Axe, Battle
Attack: +1
Speed: 0
Initiative: +3
Defense: -2
Damage: +3

Weapon Speed: 12

Damage: 4d4p

Reach: 2’
Combat Profile: Dagger
Attack: +1
Speed: 0
Initiative: +3
Defense: -2
Damage: +3

Weapon Speed: 7(5)

Damage: 2d4p

Reach: 0’

Physical Description: 4”1”... 160 lbs or so… Somewhat crazy black hair with a nice black tri-braided and clasped beard and mustache… green almost black eyes shrouded with bushy ( and I mean bushy).... [like looks of 8 bushy/crazy] eyebrows.

Bio: Family was displaced in the battle of Karasta with the armies of Kalamar some siblings died in that conflict. Have zero love for Empire of Kalamar (aka the enslavers and money grubbing whore-mongers!) Family and home base is in Xaarum (or area). Father is a merchant/trader and I work for him several fashions: looking/shipping/moving stuff in the area of Reanaaria Bay. I like to travel and move about.. may have something to do with have no true home anymore…..

Recently am not very happy about being closely matched in description to some dumb dwarf connected to the murder of a merchant in Loona! What a crazy wurld we live in huh!

Mithrandian Selerhand

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