Cleric of the Creator of Strife

Player: Daggar Proxy: None Chosen
Race: Halfling
Class: Cleric
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Level: 1
Ability Scores:
8/26 STR (Dmg. -1, Feat of Str. -3)
10/16 INT (Att. 0)
16/9 WIS (Init. 0, Def. +2)
8/13 DEX (Init. +4, Att. -1, Def. -2)
11/7 CON
11/48 LKS
10/84 CHA (Turning Mod. 0)
Quirks & Flaws:
Fear of Heights
Tone Deaf
Hit Points: 19 (Wounds: 0)
Threshold of Pain: 6

Honor: 10 (Avg. Honor)
EP: 0 (next level: 400) BP: 4
Handedness: Right Sex: Male
Age: 33 years
Birthday: TBD
Height: 2’5”
Weight: 79 lbs
Patron God(s): Creator of Strife
(Anointed follower? No)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Cartography: 24%, Fire Building: 26%, Hiding: 13%, Listening: 21%, Observation: 29%, Art of Seduction: 20%, Sneaking: 11%, Survival: 29%, Torture: 28%, Religion: 29%, Divine Lore: 30%, Language (Fhokki)N: 62%, Language (Merchant’s Tongue): 17%, Literacy (Merchant’s Tongue): 19%.
N = Native Language
Weapons: Flail.
Armor: Light, Medium, Heavy.
Other: None.
Racial Abilities:
Pros: +50 to hide/sneak in natural surroundings, +1 die type to init.
Cons: Reach -1’, size small for knock-backs, .
Preferential talent access: Crack Shot, Greased Lightning.
Combat Profile: Flail
Attack: -1
Speed: 0
Initiative: +5
Defense: +1
Damage: -1

Weapon Speed: 13

Damage: 2d8p

Reach: 4’
Combat Profile: None
Attack: 0
Speed: 0
Initiative: 0
Defense: 0
Damage: 0

Weapon Speed: 0

Damage: 0

Reach: 0’

Physical Description: Short and fat

Bio: I enjoy chaos, fear, discord, clashing colors, and long walks on the beach. I really enjoy being around lucky people. At least once a month.

I also very much enjoy the torture and murder of various “good” characters. I was dead once…I didn’t like that so much. But now I am alive, and chaos serves me as her master.

Known Aliases:
  • Loona – The Mad Halfling – Patrons of the Stinking Fish, residents of the Common District and Low Town, and associates of Lord Michael Travanian often tell stories about the “Mad Halfling” who singlehandedly caused a near-riot in the Stinking Fish, killed Chul’ka by causing him to go insane with a mere look, and burning shops and homes to the ground by releasing arcane powers of madness.
  • Various locations in Brandobia and P’Bapar – Due to the murder of Kiromir’s family, the burning down of an inn in Napalido, and various and sundry random murders, Daggar is known as the Mad Halfling nearly anywhere he goes.


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