Defender Bran

Light of hair and light of complexion, Defender Bran is perhaps the very image of a benevolent cleric. Boyhood friend of Kiromir, Bran now runs the altar of the Halls of the Valiant in Napalido, Cosdol.


Defender Bran and Kiromir grew up in Avlden, and together they slew imaginary dragons, defeated imaginary foes, and built forts. One summer day, a cleric of the Knight of the Gods came to Avlden and lured Bran in with stories of chivalry and a god more powerful than he could ever imagine. This man, Guardian Ka’el, made an arrangement with Bran’s family to take him for schooling and training as a cleric. Bran’s family, having few other prospects, agreed to the arrangement, and Bran was whisked off to training.

In the next several years, Bran was trained to fight, pray, and defeat evil wherever he found it. Bran watched Ka’el’s back on many journeys around Cosdol, and when Guardian Ka’el got the call from Brovadol (Knight of the Gods) to build an altar in Napalido for travelers, Defender Bran went there, as well.

Bran served tirelessly under Guardian Ka’el until late in 562 I.R., when Ka’el took half the guardsmen of the altar with him to seek out more support in the lands of Brandobia. He has not been seen, and Defender Bran fears he has been overcome by evil without Bran, himself, to watch his back. Still, he was given an order to maintain the temple in Ka’el’s absence, and that order was not given a time limit.

Recently, Defender Bran has been heartened by seeing his childhood friend, Kiromir, as he passed through Napalido, searching for Daggar.

Defender Bran

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