Jac Stormrider

Member of the Glorious Twelve pirating organization


Jac was a member of the Glorious Twelve pirating organization. He was apparently ejected, and Chul’ka is on his trail. He was ejected for stealing some treasure and hiding it, creating a map as his only way to find the loot.

Jac was apparently a friend of John the Builder, and helped John to plan and build the house the Glorious Twelve currently make their Loonan headquarters.

He worked for a time aboard the Damaged Maiden under Captain Wat Honely, to get close to the adventurers who stole the treasure he sees as rightfully his. [[Set the World on Fire… | He was killed]] by Theros Ironfist on the 1st of Mustering aboard the Damaged Maiden.

Jac Stormrider

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