Lord Michael Travanian

The head of a noble house from Geanavue.


Lord Michael is never seen without his Longsword at his hip. This Longsword is rumored to be of the magical variety, and has the look of antiquity about it.


Lord Michael, as he is commonly known, is a noble from Geanavue. He is not directly in line to rule Geanavue, though House Travanian is a powerful house and an ally to Lord Haar.

Lord Michael has been sighted and reported to be in Loona. His cousin, Jayson, was recently murdered by the Glorious Twelve pirate organization, and rumor in Loona has it that Lord Michael is hiring adventuring parties to find the killer and bring him to justice.

Rumor on the town has it that Lord Michael will soon be moving back to Geanavue.

Lord Michael Travanian

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