Player: nbunney Proxy: None Chosen
Race: Elf
Class: Mage
Alignment: Neutral Good
Level: 1
Ability Scores:
13/32 STR (Dmg. +1, Feat of Str. +3)
20/48 INT (Att. +3)
10/04 WIS (Init. +2, Def. 0)
16/18 DEX (Init. -2, Att. +3, Def. +4)
9/27 CON
11/46 LKS
18/62 CHA (Turning Mod. +8)
Quirks & Flaws:
Facial Scar

Hit Points: 19 (Wounds: 0)
Threshold of Pain: 5

Honor: 18 (average)
EP: 0 (next level: 400) BP: 0
Handedness: Right Sex: Male
Age: 222 years
Birthday: TBD
Height: 5’
Weight: 94 lbs
Patron God(s): None
(Anointed follower? N/A)
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Black
Language (Elven)N: 91%, Literacy (Elven): 26%, Language (Merchant’s Tongue): 30%, Literacy (Merchant’s Tongue): 30%, Language (Dwarven): 31%, Cartography: 35%, Diplomacy: 62%, Disguise: 31%, Distraction: 79%, Listening: 13%, Observation: 14%, Reading Lips: 26%, Recruiting: 47%, Sneaking: 22%, Arcane Lore: 62%, Fast Talking: 57%, Carpentry: 45%, Geology: 35%, Monster Lore: 32%, Riddling: 31%, Mathematics: 36%
N = Native Language
Hit Point Bonus, Parry Bonus, Less Sleep.
Weapons: Staff.
Armor: None.
Other: Laborer, Magical Transcription.
Racial Abilities:
Pros: Hiding in Natural Surroundings (+50 to Sneaking), Initiative Bonus (1 better Init. Die), +1 defense.
Cons: Size Small for HP.
Preferential talent access: TBD.
Combat Profile: Staff
Attack: +6
Speed: 0
Initiative: +2
Defense: +6
Damage: +1

Weapon Speed: 13

Damage: 2d4p

Reach: 8’
Combat Profile:
Attack: 0
Speed: 0
Initiative: 0
Defense: 0
Damage: 0

Weapon Speed: 0

Damage: 0

Reach: 0’
Known Spells:
Apprentice: Amplify Illumination
Journeyman: Bar Portal
Level 1: Planar Servant
Level 2: none
Level 3: none
Level 4: none
Level 5: none


Blonde haired, black eyed. Slight build. Wears thick robes. Carries a staff.


I suppose that a long life can sometimes be a curse. It is the quality of the life that matters and mine has not been the best of lives.

Okay, so life basically sucks.

Exiled from my home and people, my mentor and only friend dead (killed by an insane halfling in clashing colors wielding a flail and an insane smile shouting “sometimes misfortune has nothing to do with chance.”), nowhere to go and not a friend in the world. Oh, yeah, and don’t forget that nasty scar on my forehead. Gods be praised I’ll probably run into a bunch of dwarves next, or worse… Elves of the Lindelwood.

I had thought that I could train under Klemdo and prepare myself for the easy life of a court magician for some minor lord. However, life sometimes throws you something you don’t expect and is often much harsher than we realize. My plans lay about me like the stones I gathered to make my friend’s cairn. But life will not be so easy to assemble.

Gone are the plans for a comfortable life, hatred of evil (and of evil little clerics) now drives me. Whatever the cost, whatever the means, evil must be destroyed. I must find a way to defend myself, to earn my keep, to make my way in the world and above all to fight evil.


Catastrophic Fumble nbunney