Country: Cosdol
Region: Brandobia
Ruler: Village Council

Avlden is a flyspeck village a day’s march from Napalido. Aside from the occasional trader bringing odd news from P’Bapar, the village experiences very little in the way of exciting events. Avlden is a small village with very little industry. They are somewhat self-sufficient. Enough people heading from the pass, through Napalido, on their way to Cosolen bring imports like glass, stones from the mountains, gold, etc. The village has everything they need to survive, but luxuries are are not unheard-of from traders passing through. Birthplace of Kiromir

Current Events

  • On 22 Siege-Hold, 563 I.R., Kiromir’s family consisting of his mother, sister, and two brothers were murdered in their home by Daggar, the Mad Halfling. This was done to provoke the anger of Kiromir, pushing him into committing an evil act.


  • Thatcher – Run by Stayr, and mostly serving the needs of the village.
  • Blacksmith – Run by Jag
  • Countless farms provide wool, food, and sundry items for life around the village.

Notable NPC’s:

The men of the Village Council:

  • Huran, Holy Man – Huran, the hermit is the local holy man. He does not subscribe to any one deity, but prefers to pay homage to all of them, depending on the circumstances. (Bad harvest, good harvest, no water, floods, etc.) He performs any solemn ceremonies like marriages, funerals, blessing of crops. In all the time he has fulfilled this role, none have seen him perform anything that could be considered divine magic, so he’s probably not a cleric…as far as anyone knows. He has no official title, but the children of the village grew up hearing stories about the various deities of Tellene. Huran exists on donations and sacrifices.
  • Stayr – Stayr has been thatching homes in the surrounding region for decades, and is often called to Napalido to thatch homes and buildings that do not have tile roofs. Stayr is extremely superstitious, and does not trust Huran.
  • Jag – Jag’s family has provided blacksmithing services to the surrounding area for many years. Napalido often sends to Jag for intricate and expensive ironwork. Jag’s family is exceedingly wealthy, and has provided blacksmithing services to Avlden from time immemorial.




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