Country: Geanavue
Region: Reanaaria Bay
Ruler: Rasibuur Halaagh, a.k.a. The Merchant Prince

Loona is a port town in the City State of Geanavue, which is itself located in the region known as Reanaaria Bay. Loona is a fairly lawless city, with murders, robbery and arson not uncommon. Still, the Fists attempt to keep order as best they are able, as the Merchant Prince recognizes that crime is ultimately bad for business.

Current Events

  • Recently, a new structure in the Common District burned to the ground in a rumored fight between a group of adventurers and pirates from the Glorious Twelve pirating organization.


Notable NPC’s:


Clues relating to locations in/around Loona:
  • Chul’ka can be found at John the Builder’s place, where the Glorious Twelve make their home when they’re on land.
  • The HQ for the Glorious Twelve can be found next door to the Stinking Fish Tavern.


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