Country: Cosdol
Region: Brandobia
Ruler: Town Council

Napalido is a large town east of Conipar’s Gap in the Legasa Peaks, which straddles the trade route between P’Bapar and the rest of Cosdol. Cosdol exports textiles and food through Napalido, and imports iron and copper. The headwaters of the Brolador River begin near Napalido.

Current Events

  • Recently, the town has seen some action, as a halfling in robes of wildly clashing colors came through and stirred up some trouble at one of the three Inns of Napalido. He sought out a room, but during the evening meal, he began a fight with one of the patrons who cursed his halfling lineage and spoke very disparagingly of halflings in general. The resulting heated argument and melee ended up with the inn burned to the ground and many people murdered by the halfling or killed by the flames. The halfling was chased out of town by a group of guardsmen. One guardsman in particular got a hold of the strange halfling’s cloak before he turned around and cast as fear spell of some sort on the guard. The guard fled so quickly, in fact, that he ripped a piece of the halfling’s garments. The halfling is, of course, Daggar.


  • Simon’s Magic Shop – This magic shop is run by a self-styled wizard named Simon. He often sells good-luck charms to the more superstitious folk of Napalido, but rarely sells a single thing to those coming through the town who know a thing or two of the arcane arts. Simon often can be seen causing various spell mishaps. When interrupted, he will often claim to be researching some dangerous magics for various arcane learning institutions, most of which he makes up on the spot.
  • The Stag and Lady Fair – A bustling tavern only a few doors down from the inn which recently burned down. The ale is well-watered, but cheap, and the food is not much to speak of, but hot.

Notable NPC’s:

  • Defender Bran – A childhood friend of Kiromir’s, Defender Bran is the current resident cleric of the Halls of the Valiant’s altar in Napalido. Defender Bran is engaged in building up the altar’s reputation, and often escorts caravans to P’Bapar through Coniper’s Gap.
  • Sir Stephen of Itven – Sir Stephen is the Garrison Commander of the local Cosdol military in Napalido.


  • Halls of the Valiant – The Halls of the Valiant have a minor altar here in Napalido. It is staffed by 12 men, a follower of Bran’s and Defender Bran, himself.


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