Population: 73,100
Country: P’Bapar, East of the [[Krond Heights | Krond Heights ]] h5. Region: Young Kingdoms
Ruler: Archduke E’Dos Kalanasi II

P’Bapar was one of the first independent states to break away from the Kalamaran Empire, and thus has been somewhat of a role model for the other Young Kingdoms, who later followed suit.

Current Events

Within the last few days, a strange halfling has been seen loitering in known legal gambling houses, observing games and interacting with big winners. It is assumed that this halfling is seeking a rich patron, for rumors abound regarding a symbol he carries atop a staff. It is assumed he seeks a patron to further some unknown religion.


Notable NPC’s:


Temples are common sights in P’Bapar, but the largest are the Parish of the Prolific Coin, the Founder’s Creation, the Fraternal Order of Aptitude, the Home Foundation, the Courts of Justice, the Church of Chance, and the House of Laughter.


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