Rudgar's Stomped Mare Tavern


Rudgar’s Stomped Mare has been a fixture in the dock area of Sobeteta for more than two decades. Originally called The Crown and Fish, it is a popular stop for soldiers in the area. The Mare serves meals and has a few rooms available, as well as a large common room with 10 tables. Food is poor quality, and the drinks are well-watered, but it’s usefulness is more of a job fair and rumor exchange than anything else.


Rudgar – Half-ogre


Meal – 2cp
Private Room – 5cp
Spot on the floor, common room – 1cp
Common Ale – 5 bits +

+ A bit is the common name for the brass trade coins used in Sobeteta, known as Shecks.


10 tables and bar seating.

Stairs up to the private rooms.

Rudgar's Stomped Mare Tavern

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