Nation: Kalamar
Region: Kalamar
Ruler: Duke Sorabek II

Sobeteta is a city on an island in Kalamaran Bay. The island contains little more than sheep, but inside and around the City’s walls hums a bustling metropolis.

Current Events

  • Recently, a large fire broke out at Ye Olde Charging Halfling. The fire spread too quickly for the citizenry to save it or three adjoining structures, and the entire block was destroyed, with at least 22 people dead. Currently, ships are prohibited from porting or leaving the city docks, while the authorities figure out what to make of this mess.


Notable NPC’s:

  • Gloriana – Deceased Owner of Ye Olde Charging Halfling
  • Rudgar – Half-Ogre owner of Rudgar’s Stomped Mare


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