Stinking Fish Tavern

Owned by: Artagh.

Quality: Poor

Location: Common District, Loona, Reanaaria Bay


2 beds in single rooms at 10cp/night.

4 beds in double rooms at 5cp/night.

10 beds in the shared common room at 2cp/night.

There are 5 tables in the main taproom.

  • Adding meals to a day of lodging adds 3cp/day
  • The food is filling and plenty, but bland when it is not relatively foul.
  • Poor quality mead or grog is 1-2cp per mug, though Artagh often waters down these liquids and overcharges


The Stinking Fish is well-named, as the interior of this cheap inn nearly always smells like fish. Even Artagh, the tavern’s portly owner, doesn’t pretend to know the source of this stench. He never, however, serves fish, lest his patrons think their meals are the cause of the…ambiance.

Stinking Fish Tavern

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